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The offering of this option (any available space in Singapore) as one of the option for this project was intentional in nature, and was meant to ensure that students' ideas were not confined to just the 3 fixed locations being offered earlier. It also gave the students that added choice of looking at things from a fresh perspective, especially to those areas that they are more familiar with, whether be it from a geographical, social or personal points of view.

A lot of ideas and alternatives were offered by the students, with most of them being comfortable with areas that were within proximity of their living areas, or those that they have some personal experiences with. There were also some that were adventurous in nature, delving and trying their hands out at coming out with something totally new and creative.

These presentation boards are some of the exemplary ideas that were offered. Comments and critiques are most certainly welcomed. Here's hoping that you would enjoy viewing them, as much as the students have enjoyed uncovering and creating them.

Books in the Woods
Done by: Calvin Heng Kee Hang
Class of 2-01 (2011)
Description: Located a stone's throw away from Causeway Point, Books in the Woods is a learning hub designed for students. It was designed by Calvin to promote The Arts in Singapore. The dome-like building houses a library, while the hour-glass-like building houses a performance stage, a reading room, an IT room and a study room. There is also a garden at its rooftop. The greenery at this rooftop cools the temperature of the building and can be a place for one to seek tranquility and solace, or simply just to hang out with friends. Connecting the two buildings is the Gallery Walk, a long pathway where artworks are exhibited to educate the public.

Elderlycare, Redefined
Done by: Oh Sher Li
Class of 2-01 (2011)
Description: Catered to the growing aged population, Elderlycare, designed by Sher Li, seeks to provide a space for the elderly to maintain their fitness. The Elderlycare creates a sense of independence amongst the elderlies through careful arrangement and design considerations of the available spaces and layouts. The arrangement of furniture is uncluttered to provide ample space for them to move about independently. The walls of the different levels are also painted in different colors for better recognition.

Rivervale Plaza (Extention Project)
Done by: Loh Ching Wei, Joshua
Class of 2-01 (2011)
Description: In an attempt to modernize Rivervale Plaza, Joshua has decided to give the mall a facelift by giving the mall new facilities and a more vibrant color scheme. The new facilities will consist of an open rooftop where people can bask amidst the lush greenery and sculptural works. Cone-like structures are also built on the rooftop to shield shoppers from the sun. Besides indulging in shopping, shoppers can also partake in the eco-friendliness of the surroundings.

E-Estate (Your ideal home for the elderly)

Done by: Casandra Ong Shieh Ling

Class of 2-03 (2011)

Description: Casandra’s environmentally-considerate building for the elderly, takes into consideration the comfort of this main target audience as well as the environment. The E-Estate houses facilities such as the cafeteria, a supermarket and a clinic. These are facilities essential to the elderly. Shaped in the form of a single-clover leaf, the E-Estate has solar panels fitted to the exteriors of the building to minimize electricity usage. Common rooms such as the bedrooms, washrooms, kitchen and dinning rooms are uncluttered to allow for unobstructed movement of the intended occupants.

Tanah Merah Hub

Done by: Gavin Lim Kang Jie

Class of 2-03 (2011)

Description: The Tanah Merah Hub caters to all things sports. Designed by Gavin, the sports hub houses the courts of various types of sports, both indoors and outdoors. Indoor courts include an ice-skating rink, a laser tag arena, a bowling alley, and a giant slide. To add on to the list, there’re three outdoor basketball courts, out of which two are sheltered, and a football field. There is also an open-air pavilion, located at the first floor of the hub, for teenagers to hang out. The pavilion is also an ideal place for push-cart stalls and temporary night-stalls to be set up. This push-cart idea is especially popular amongst the youths of Singapore.


Done by: Norullayaley Bte Mohd Ikbal

Class of 2-04 (2011)

Description: Upon noting that there was a lack of sport facilities in Clementi, Norullayaley designed Muse to target youths who would want to seek a balance between learning and having fun. Muse consists of four buildings, shaped in the alphabets of M, U, S, and E, each room designed to a different theme. Building ‘M’ is a dance and music center, building ‘U’ is an educational centre, building ‘S’ is a shopping and food centre, and building ‘E’ is an arts centre.

The Natural Home

Done by: Ong Fang Ying Kimberly

Class of 2-04 (2011)

Description: Located in the central area of Singapore, The Natural Home was designed by Kimberly as a place for everyone, regardless of age, and aims to promote family bonding. Visitors staying in The Natural Home will be able to get up-close to nature. Adapted and inspired by the Barefoot Home Concept, one can luxuriate in the green surroundings while staying at The Natural Home. Natural materials such as wood, teak, and stone are used to furnish the suites. Clear-glass panels for the walls, invites one to connect with the natural surroundings too.

Cineplex (and more)
Done by: Arthur Lee Ying Kiu
Class of 2-04 (2011)
Description: Sleek in design, and in black, white and red tones, the Cineplex houses two movie theatres, a classrooms, as well as a multipurpose room. Designed for comfort, Arthur’s cinema design has its seats designed in a curved manner around the screen. This increases the space between seats, giving patrons the private space they would need for a more comfortable viewing experience. Adapting from the community centre concept, the classrooms and multipurpose rooms can be used for community-centre-based activities. (Eg. IT skills upgrade, theory lessons, meetings, etc.)

Arwen Lucinda
Done by: Muhammad Hakeem Bin Fathurraman
Class of 2-04 (2011)
Description: Noting the land constraints of Singapore, Hakeem designed his fine dining experience within a vertical structure, as inspired by Vienna’s Danube Tower. Tables and chairs for dining are placed alongside the glass windows of the tower. This adds to the romantic value to the surroundings, as couples or customers can have a breathtaking view of the city while they are having their meals. The kitchen is tucked away at a corner, away from prying eyes so as to greatly improve the dining ambience.

UFO – Windmill
Done by: Wong Kai Jie Elijah
Class of 2-05 (2011)
Description: As if escorted into another world of their own, UFO, located in Jurong Estate, is a therapeutic eco-garden, designed by Elijah to block out the hustle and bustle of city life, for the elderly to rest and recuperate. The atmosphere is filled with the sweet scents of flowers, and soft soothing music is played in the enclosed areas. There are pebble-laden paths for the them to walk on, while  also massaging their acupuncture points. The building consists of facilities such as an indoor recreational center (board games), an elderly-friendly recreational gym and a playground, as well as an open dining area.

Velodrome pd2
Done by: Abram Tan Jia Han
Class of 2-06 (2011)
Description:  The Velodrome pd2 is a world-class, environmentally-conscious, state-of-the-art building. Made up of several trianglular surfaces, the Velodrome pd2 houses a variety of shops and a competitive indoor cycling track. Targeted at avid cyclists, Velodrome pd2 has well-furnished timber cycling tracks for the youths to compete or practice on. Solar panels are fitted to the roof of Velodrome pd2 to mitigate energy and electricity usage. The roof is also laden with greenery to control the temperature within the building.

Re-designing of Causeway Point
Done by: Muhammad Mirza Bin Jahangeer
Class of 2-05 (2011)
Description: Mirza decided to give the Causeway Point, a popular shopping centre in Woodlands, a facelift due to visible ageing signs (stains) on the exterior of the building. The new building will be shaped organically to appeal to the young. There will be a reading area provided to catch the overspill of library goers from the nearby National Library. A rooftop garden will also be present to provide a space for relaxation. 

Indoor Agricultural Center (IAC)
Done by: Lim Hao Yang
Class of 2-07 (2011)
Description: Located in the vicinity of Jurong East MRT, an Indoor Agricultural Centre, designed by Hao Yang, houses facilities such as a vertical agricultural farming, some event spaces, eco urinals, solar panels, classrooms, and a rooftop sky garden. Targeted at environmentalists and those who are passionate about nature, one would be able to learn more about plants and carry out planting activities, without having to compromise on the use of energy. Designed with the intention of saving the Earth, this green building taps on the use of solar energy to power up the building.

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