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The current holding site and building at SST (circa 2009 - 2010) has actually been in existence since the 1970's, and much has been done with each coming batch of school/students. Formerly the site of Pei Tong Primary School, the site has seen its fair share of schools and institutions using the premises as their holding locations. And similarly for the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST).

As the permanent site for SST is due for completion by the end of 2011, the holding site would thus be once again left empty for a period of time. A reDesigning and reConceptualisation challenge has been thrown to the Year 2 students of SST, under the Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT) department, to look at how a more effective use of the spaces that would be left vacant could be reConceptualised into something else.

These set of presentation boards are some of the exemplar ideas proposed by these 13-14-year olds. Do take a look and enjoy their works. Comments and critiques are most certainly welcomed.

Family Recreation Centre
Done by: Johanan Teo
Class of 2-09 (2011)
Description: Relooking at the current SST building site, Johanan concept designs looks at converting the staid exterior of the site into something more attractive, that the individual and the whole family can enjoy. This idea aims to fulfill the lack of an integrated family entertainment centre, one that can offer a multi-varied entertainment experience for each and every member of the family from 7 to 77.

Singapore Science and History Museum (A New State of The Art Museum)
Done by: Tor Ming En
Class of 2-01 (2011)
Description: Keeping in mind environmental consciousness, Ming En attempts to marry both the science and environmental aspects, into his design of the Singapore Science and History Museum. The new museum boasts a double helix bridge, linking visitors from one side of the building to the other. Making use of the relatively larger space available, the different sections and floors of the building would be allocated to cater to among others, 2-dimensional and other interactive exhibits.

The Apple Hub
Done by: Alpha Chua Ye Jie
Class of 2-05 (2011)
Description: Housing an Apple Service Center, an Apple Store and an Apple Training Institute, the one-stop Apple Hub, designed by Alpha, targets Apple users as well as potential Apple users. Paying homage to the late Mr Steve Jobs, a statue of him is erected at the entrance of the hub, with his warm smile welcoming patrons to the empire he painstakingly built and nurtured. The Apple precinct, as lively as the previous SST occupants, is a place where many activities are concurrently held. This includes offering training opportunities on how to use Apple devices, a service center, a recording studio, as well as an exhibition hall. 

Elderly Recreational Center
Done by: Ho Yan Jin                                 
Class of 2-03 (2011)
Description: In an attempt to promote an active lifestyle amongst the aged, the Elderly Recreational Center, designed by Yan Jin, thoughtfully considers the movement of the target audience. Throughway doors (doors on both sides) are fitted to the lift to aid the wheelchair-bound. Parks and spacious halls are available for them to get their daily dose of exercise. The center also has a library and a lounge for the elderly to catch up on their readings, as well as relax over soothing music and board games.

D’Backdoor Green
Done by: Lim Ee Shin, Reuven
Class of 2-04 (2011)
Description: Built to serve the dining needs of residents in Clementi, as well as the surrounding industrial workers, the current SST site will be revamped into an environmentally-conscious shopping mall for all. Natural materials such as stone tiles and wood sheets are used to construct the interior. Hexagonal tiles would be retained in the new mall design, as a symbol for retaining a part of SST. It would also be used in other parts of the building designs too. The building will consists of a food court, shopping spaces and a roof garden.

Museum of Science and Arts (A vibrancy of colors)
Done by: Neo Wei Hong
Class of 2-07 (2011)
Description:  Unlike other museums, the Museum of Science and Arts, to be erected at the current SST site, will consists of a golden fountain of luck and prosperity, a sky garden, library, buffet restaurant, souvenir shops, exhibition halls, science lab, computer lab, and a theatre. The screens of the theatre are circular and concaved, just like the one at the Science Center. Visitors would be permitted to try their hands at the science experiments at the museum’s science lab, as a more hands-on approach to learning about science would be the order of the day over here.

Elderly Recreational Center
Done by: Augustines Abigail Madriaga
Class of 2-05 (2011)
Description:  To promote a healthier lifestyle and maintain a closely-knit relationship amongst the elderly, Abigail intends to transform the current SST site into an Elderly Recreational Center. Multi-lingual signages will be put up all around the centre to aid understanding of instructions. The ground will be marked with colored lines to direct the elderly to the different parts of the building. Railings and anti-slip floorings are fitted to the compound to prevent falls. Elevators and travelators will be installed too, to aid a faster and smoother movement from one place to another. 

Kids Hub (Countless experiences)
Done by: Dionne Choo Tsi Min
Class of 2-07 (2011)
Description: Designed by Dionne, the Kids Hub is a centre for education, arts, sports, and adventure for the young. It is a place for children to develop their interests and showcase their talents. The Kids Hub will be the second of its kind after The SPECTRA, located at the former Bukit Timah Fire Station. The Kids Hub will be located at the old SST site as it is accessible by both buses and the MRT. The classrooms will be transformed into studios, while the current field will host a variety of sports and adventure-based activities. The added feature of a jungle gym and an adventure course will be accessible to both students and the public.

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