re: KTM Railway Station

The KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) Railway Station building is the southern-most terminus of the railway line that plies across the Malay Peninsula, right through Malaysia (formerly known as Malaya). Built to cater to the transportation and logistical demands during the initial economic growth years of Singapore and Malaysia, the recent cessation of railway activities at the building on 1 July 2011 marks the closure of one of the most iconic building and mode of transport available in modern-day Singapore, since its construction and opening in 1923.

Public feedback regarding the post-development plans for this art-deco building design came fast and furious from members of the public even before the official cessation date. They range from those who wants to preserve the building on its own, without any major adulteration being made, to those who were also concerned with preserving the 'green corridor' along the railway line. Much have been said, but no final decisions have been made just yet.

This 'Basic Architecture: Architectural Design' programme in the Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT) department of the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST) aims to bring forth the idea of reDevelopment and reDesigning to the Year 2 students of SST, with the aim of encouraging them to be mindful and sensitive of the significant heritage values left behind by these historical structures, and balancing these with the need for redevelopment to cater to current and future needs.

These ideas were presented on presentation boards and some of these exemplars are presented here as a showcase. Do take some time to view, enjoy and critique their ideas. Encouraging comments are most certainly welcomed. You never know...some budding Moshe Safdie's or Frank Gehry's might be in our midst here in SST.

Epoch Hotel...where luxury and art-deco meets
Done by: Niklaus Teo
Class of 2-09 (2011)
Description: The challenge to redesign an existing building that already has a lot of character and history in it is something that is not that easy to execute, given our penchant for demolishing them. Niklaus took a step in the right direction by looking at how the building design can be converted tastefully without sacrificing the look and feel of an art-deco architectural work.

The New KTM Museum (Out comes the old, in comes the new)
Done by: Patt Wei Xuan, Elgin
Class of 2-07 (2011)
Description: Attempting to convert the previous KTM Railway Station into a family-oriented place, Elgin seeks to transform it into an Arts and History Museum of Technology. The New KTM Museum is inclusive in its design...a concept that tries to include and cater to the needs of her visitors of all ages. Parents can drop off their children at the daycare centre before touring the museum. Both the young and old are also able to mingle over a cup of coffee at the Museum Café.

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station / Bukit Timah Railway Station
Done by: Amrit Singh
Class of 2-05 (2011)
Description: By converting both Tanjong Pagar and Bukit Timah Railway Stations into a museum-cafe combination setup, Amrit seeks to retain the rich history of these places. Photographs and painting exhibits of the old railway station will be up for exhibition at both stations. To add on to the experience, a shuttle train for visitors will run between both locations. The Bukit Timah Railway Station has added features, such as a café and a small swathe of greenery for a small touch of wildlife. Located within close proximity to the nearby lush greenery, café customers get to enjoy the sights, and perhaps the sound, of various tropical bird species.